How long do cannabis seeds last?


Many collectors do not realise that the seeds they are keeping may already be dead and useless. Cannabis seeds, along with all other types of seed, have an expiry date. But do not worry as there are a few ways to drastically increase the shelf life of your collection.

There are no solid timescales when it comes to an expiry date, but purchasing your seeds from a place like ours will ensure that you are buying fresh stock and not old stock with little life left.

How long will cannabis seeds last

On average, a cannabis seed will last around five years when stored correctly. When left out in sunlight the life span will be drastically decreased to just a few months! Seeds in a plastic baggy placed in a draw could still be good for a couple of years.

If you are unsure about whether your seed will work or not then the only way to find out is to germinate it. But in many countries, this would be illegal so it is not an option.

How to visually check if a seed is still viable

You can visually inspect the seed to check if it has cracked open. Even if you can see that the seam of the seed has slightly come apart, it will most likely now be dried and dead inside.

You could also give the seed a light squeeze between your thumb and finger so you can check it is still dense. Old seeds left in a warm environment will simply crack and fall to dust when squeezed as the inside will of dried out.


The best way to ensure your seeds live a long life is to store them correctly by using our guide here.

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